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NEWS November 2009
Exciting news from us here at Earth First. We have been acquired by an award winning hosting company - Hosting Matters.

What does this mean for you?
Right now it is business as usual. Hosting Matters

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burberry black friday sale

Long wanted to write this girl saw her more than a year,burberry black friday sale from the appearance point of view,a woman with treasures,the best women,human creature,not too,I mean appearance only,for her story,I was a little do not know.

So,what kind of text,language to describe,I do not know ; black friday deals what view angle to write her,I could not write.I try to use my perspective to observe,to learn.I think I only used a writing style Master Yu,talk,tell stories and I bit her point of view.

Last night,I suddenly thought of a word : Critical!Right!A woman called critical

Say to do with this topic,you have to first find out the critical,what is critical?Encyclopedia is this comment :

"Critical is a modern word,early black friday deals is a proper noun that refers to a state or by a change in physical state to another physical or minimum conversion conditions."

Why use this term to make a fuss,my intuition tells me that this girl,intended or woman,should be in a critical state!

She likes dew.Very provincial fabrics.Often worn on the pitch like a baby or a basketball court,soccer basketball baby.She was beautiful,very beautiful,very well-balanced ratio of all,of course,is the face oval face,water hyacinth apricot eyebrow,but not the kind of southern Yunnan eyes called"watery",nor is it in northern Shaanxi"Cat Eye"not too small,then a small,it is really TAO as an actor and film version.Very gentle,so that is the limit,in a critical state.Fair-skinned,energetic,flexible,should be youthful and beautiful.

She"savings"to the limit,then less,I am afraid to wear not on,then less,perhaps atavistic.Waist shorts look a lot at the navel is the limit,in a critical state.Sancha zone limits legs in place,burberry black friday sale in a critical state.Instead chested cleavage evident also in the first half of the breast beckons trembling what?The little shirt hem at the lower edge of the breast only,but also the limits,in a critical state.

Beautiful slender legs,very beautiful,can no longer lean,and then thin,it is called really thin,the lower edge of the limit in legs,but also in a critical state.

Ten centimeters high heels,the prohibitively high,and then can not engage in,and also the limits,in a critical state.

Walking in the street,like walking on the T stage of Paris fashion week,walking elegant chic,that does not seem contrived or awkward,pour is very strong,but also limit,in a critical state.

Long hair do?Should not!Said to early black friday sales have considered,but can no longer short,short a little bit will not,go up,floating up,dyed ray of light yellow,long before the two ears twinkling,it is not a good charm,but also limit,in a critical state.

My gut tells me that she did not work!From her point of view and out of the track,cafes,bars,small hotels,rental.Should not be a legitimate career women.There walking assertive personality and attitude,bohemian tastes,I felt she was barely gold,no taste.

I said earlier,from her appearance point of view,is very attractive,she"s such a beautiful charm even the capital is a temptation,perhaps,she is at the expense of youth,a man meat business.I hope not,I judge wrong,but this possibility is almost small,I had told her no good subjective impression.

Since I live here,the cell outer Jie Liangbian alley there are many rental households and cafes,hostels,this street does it mean to be a"non"-shaped street,I said I could be a"millipede"symmetrical streets alleys arranged row after row,the immigrant population,relatively more mobile population,more complex security environment.Fortunately,in recent years there has never a big case.

This girl came here last year,where people?Local?Or foreign?I do not know?I tried to figure best buy black friday deals out her story,writing out of instinct.I appreciate a picture,it will suddenly inspired to write a poem or write an essay,I talk with others,also sudden inspiration,while watching TV will be inspired,there is a desire to create.This woman,I secretly observed for a long time,a lot of times contact,burberry black friday sale but did not touch the soul,there is no deep-level contacts,and even ordinary conversation did not.How to write?Is always an unknown!

She and I pass,no sparks,do not look back,there is no five hundred years later encounters.She and I walk together,there is no feeling,not a millennium after the story.

Because,preconceptions,I do not like her,black friday sales 2013 but can not say no curiosity,I would ask him to do my article in which the hero,how will such polished piece of"material Jiang Shi,"scrap.Never stop thinking about her guess,is a pity?Also an outrage,I never find out.

Our street is quite narrow,combined with the addition of the vehicle,but also parking chaos,we ourselves are not willing to open the car came in,although not a dead end,but the access is very convenient.That day,I allow the driver to stop in the street mouth that he go back,but also two hundred meters,and then let the car around a large circle come from another street,but also the traffic lights.Very troublesome.Random,I"ll get off of the street.Our car should be bad,I get off,and the driver said two things.Across the street to stop an Audi V6,Audi car down from what she,or white shorts,wearing a shoulder-led goose yellow shorts,after getting off,put a little green fruit to shoulder hand bag toss,you cross the street across the street from,the same people do not drive the car greeting does not seem to know like.

I looked at the car,not pour coal upstart,is the transformation of villages fortune of the Lord.Flat head,thick eyebrows and eyes,leaving his small beard,neck hung a very thick gold necklace,left hand resting on the window,the left arm is a tattoo of a snake wrapped around the sword is very rough,like a sign,like the WHO,thick fingers have a lot of jewels ring.Need to explore his identity and genuine gemstones,look at his appearance,Xiongsha evil likeness,and certainly not a good crop.

Besides her,such as passing vehicles is over,they came straight to my side,she has always been very vigorous way always will not change,not to mention the rich harvest today,maybe,I said maybe!This should be called what?"Visits"?"Moonlighting"?Certainly not a"take-away"is also inappropriate,possession of her too!

I walked back to the street,deliberately slow you down some waiting for her to catch up,she always walked very fast paced evenly,walking,like walking on the T station,Kaka Ka,very rhythmic.She more than me,I look at her height of the visual,of course,her high-heeled shoes is stretched to the limit.Wow!Even more than my disability but also the half-meter seven four fierce number.Chest,after the hip,the Alice,Alice was all right,the recess,are concave appropriately.

More than a good girl,many beautiful women,why are people like that?In the end she strayed into prostitution or into dust?This mystery,I was untied,I do not have the ability to explore,burberry black friday sale and not discuss it,but I still sorrow and sympathy,whom sad,best buy black friday deals how I wish she was mending their ways,but she had the innocence side,a normal people"s lives.Plain,simple and happy life.

On this day,intolerable heat,weather temperature orange alert issued.Was almost noon,and I take the car from a square pass,under the shade of the square,it was only a few people around the square and the line,belonging to one-way streets,this bike larger displacement,air-conditioning is very good,sitting in the cool the car,I was thinking the afternoon to do things.Suddenly,his eyes seemed to see a familiar figure,I look sideways,turned out to be a few people around a beggar,so I was surprised,is on the beggar is"she",that I have a familiar figure.I am busy to allow the driver to stop,I"ll look inside the car,in the end what happens?

It beggars unkempt,this hot day,still wearing winter tattered jacket,precisely,is a bunch of dirty rotten broken cotton.It seems that the real homeless beggar should not take this as"occupation"of the"homeless."Beggar"s face probably not washed it for a few years,in addition to white eyeball and teeth,and never see white,and do not see the true colors.

I said that fashionable prostitutes,beggars opposite her in,black friday deals 2013 carrying a few buns and a ravioli.Sun poison,high temperature feels almost hot pavement.I saw her put down the food,helped to put the Rangers on the sidewalk under the shade and took her dirty baggage that point turn along the road,she seemed to be a crowd of people next to the paper,to help beggars rub a facial,and then she bought ravioli and dumplings gave a beggar.Beggars can not wait,took buns,one put a bun in his mouth,chewing a bit,swallow,swallow straight hiccups.She is busy with that disposable spoon scoop the wonton soup,feed beggars drink.This scene,this picture will probably only daughter of the mother do!

At the moment,my face look red shabu,my mind a blank,should think what?Should be doing?I do not know,I just know,I curled up in the car,there is no confidence,no words.

I would like a sideways look back,I saw her get up,two hands outward 45 degree angle sideways,that QianXiu beautiful hands,apparently also felt hands dirty,and want to go to the tap to wash,she was gone,or go to Kaka Ka,that soft hair twinkling,slender figure,at the moment like a crape myrtle flowers,simple and brilliant.

Once again,I curled up body,bowed his head in thought a while,the beggar is her family?I can get it?I said to the driver in the afternoon to report a warning,burberry black friday sale so that shelters to help her,you have done a good thing,right!Driving the car in the street,I did not say a word,I close my eyes,eyes,always the scene,get rid of,thrown away,always thinking about something.

Since I always think literature is human,I like literature,black friday deals 2013 also some more observations,more thinking.

For her,how to locate?Not devoid of conscience?Or from the beginning is my fault?Oh,and confused!

Critical woman,how is critical!

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